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WE WILL BE MEETING NEAR MAIN & IVY.  Please look for the popup with the black banner that matches the branding and photo of the child on this page.  It is the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE PARK from the Gazebo.  There is another event with good people in the park that the city permitted for the same time.  We want to be respectful of their event honoring a family who lost their son to despair.  We will have speakers at Alba Park then walk the circut on the map below.  Click the map for walking directions.  Obey all traffic and pedestrian laws.  Be polite.  This is a solumn event to bring awareness.  Wear good walking shoes and bring water and a flashlight if you need it.  We will be taking a walk together of about 3.3 miles round trip.  If you can not walk, drive riverside and central as a circuit and honk at those marching!

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